Product Development

Evidence Studio was founded on the principle that design is a business discipline, not a personal art form.

We believe that the measure of any true design success is understanding how design will add value to your company before you begin. Will design increase your market share? Will it attract a new consumer segment? Will it help you raise prices or lower costs? In short, will it make your company more money? If you cannot answer any of these questions at the beginning of the design project, how can you understand the success of the project at the end?

The founders of Evidence Studio have spent their professional careers working at the intersection of real-world business objectives and out-of-the-box creativity. They have spent (almost) as much time working with spreadsheets as they have with design tools. They can work with your senior management on strategy, project selection, and market share; and they can roll up their sleeves and help your design staff meet its deadlines. Once the project is launched, they can also help you measure its success in real-world terms.

Of course, not all design projects are the same, and not all of them are easily quantifiable. But Evidence Studios promises that before we tell you about how cool our design work is, we will ask you how you how you plan to make money with your new design, and how you would like to measure its success. We will then work to put a design proposal together that not only delivers world-class design to your company, but delivers real money to your bottom line.

The principals at Evidence Studio have an uncanny ability to explain complex brand and design challenge in real world terms”
-J. Buesseler